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              Manswerk - Urban Macho (CDr, Digipak)                                                     2017           

              Various -The Brown Noise:  A Tribute To Ween (CDr, Comp,)                  2016

              Hot L.Z., White Axe        split 7 inch (7", EP, Mix)                                          2016  

              School Of Dicks -Worst Person On Earth (CDr, Album)                            2015             

              Pontius Pirate      Pterodactyl Island  (12", Album)                                      2015             

              Das Banhos - Super Grande (CDr, Mini)                                                        2014            

              Stump Burner -Twice As Much Half As Fast (CDr, Album, Dlx, Dig)        2014      

              Monster In The City-      Abandon (CDr, Album, Digipak)                           2014             

              Ass    20th Anniversary LP (12", Album)                                                          2014            

              Discoid A     Noise Not Music (CDr, , Album)                                                 2013             

              Poopy Necroponde / The Lettuce Vultures / Sheeprizer / Ditch Pig   

                              Relentless Revelations (7", EP, Ltd, Pur)                                         2013            

              Das Banhos   Tuff Enuff 4 Space (CDr, min)                                                    2013             

              The Whale Fuckers -Mr. Magoo and his cum shampoo (CDr, Album)      2013

              Poopy Necroponde / The Whale Fuckers  Kill The Eskimo People /

                                Overdose On Spice (7")                                                                     2012            

              Boy In Love- My Brown House (CDr, Album, , digipak)                                 2012             

              Overcat, Electro-Mud      Overcat / Electro-mud Split LP (12", Spl)           2012             

              Electro-Mud -      Hangover Lane (CDr)                                                            2012            

              Electro-Mud -      The Lounger (CDr, Mini)                                                       2012            

              Tres Space Beefs -  Tres Space Beefs (CDr, Album, Digipak)                     2012             

              Hep-Z -      Sings the great north american songbook (CDr, Album)        2012             

              Kolob Trust Fund - GUMMO (CDr, Album)                                                     2012            

              Sheeprizer - Holle Auf Erden (CDr, Album, Jew)                                           2012             

              Poopy Necroponde / Sheeprizer Split (10", Ltd, Pur)                                   2011              

              Bottle Walking Snake / Kolob Trust Fund  Split CD (CDr, Album)           2011              

              Hot L.Z. - How Do You Live Like That? (CDr, Album)                                    2011       

              Hep-Z - Dolphin Up (CDr, Album, Digipak)                                                    2011             

              The Whale Fuckers -      Orgy of death!!!!!!! (CDr, Album)                          2011              

              Poopy Necroponde, The Whale Fuckers  split cd (CDr, Album)               2011

              Poopy Necroponde - All You Need Is Toilet Rock (CDr, Album)              2011              

              Ogo Dys -    Overion 3 (CDr, Album)                                                              2010            

              Hep-Z -      Day Planner Of A Madman (CDr, Album)                                  2010             

              Sheeprizer - Acme Circus (CDr album)                                                          2010            

              Ass / Doktor Bitch (split 7")                                                                             2010           

              Nuclear Queer Logger Masterpieces (CD, Comp)                                      2010             

              Breathilizör / Syphilitic Vaginas (7", EP)                                                       2010            

              Meteor Hammer - Meteor Hammer (CD, Album)                                       2010             

              Poopy Necroponde - Burlap (CDr, album)                                                   2010            

              Hot L.Z. -  Misery Is Cracking (CDr, Album)                                                 2010            

              The Whale Fuckers -      Whales from hell (CDr, Album)                           2010             

              Kolob Trust Fund -Kolompilation first 5 releses 2005-2007 (CDr, Comp) 2010   

              Poopy Necroponde -A Psychological Ku Klux Klan Meeting (CDr, Album) 2010  

              Sloth (6) / Weluvpot      Sloth / Weluvpot (7", Ltd)                                  2009             

              Ogo Dys / Poopy Necroponde     Post-Op Transatlantis - Split LP      2009       

              Kolob Trust Fund / Breathilizör* We Rule The Underworld Split 7" E.P. (EP) 2009    

              Sonic Disorder -    Favorite Goulash (DVD)                                               2009             

              Poopy Necroponde - We're All Going To Tax You (CDr,Album)           2009       

              Poopy Necroponde -Charlie And The Chinese Chocolate Factory (CD, Album) 2009      

              Breathilizör*-Metal D Of Outer Space's Confusion AKA hamburglar'sToast (7") 2009   

              Gorgonized Dorks / Ass (7", Ltd)                                                                 2009    

              Hot L.Z. - War Is Fun (CDr, Album)                                                              2009           

              Bottle Walking Snake - Presidents (CDr, Album, Ltd)                            2009      

              Kolob Trust Fund - You Dont Know this Guy (CDr, Album)                   2009      

              Sheeprizer / Hep-Z Tom Cabins Mansion / The New Strain (LP, Blue) 2008             

              The Depraved Unitarian Booger Compilation (CDr, Comp, Album)       2008

               Sheeprizer My Big House (CD, Album)                                                       2008

              Hep-Z        Centavos (CDr, Album)                                                                2008   

               Sonic Disorder     Hurricane Jesus (CDr, Album)                                      2008

              Sonic Disorder -    Red Light Live (CDr, Album)                                         2008     

              KKOOKKZZZ -       Monsters Are Real (CDr, Album)                                 2008            

              St. Triangular Stains Of Gait And Squash-

                       Frozen Arctic Tundra With Yodelling (CDR, Album)                          2007 

              KKOOKKZZZ Self Titled (CDr, Album)                                         2007   

              Ass- Hello Grecian Potsherd (CDr, Album)                                 2007

               Ass- 'Bye Cactus And Heads (CDr)                                               2007