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HEP*Z        And    Poopy Necroponde   here

HEP*Z- Gene, Weed King ( 7" Single 45) 2019  $5

 Hep-Z        Centavos ‎(CDr, Album)                                             2008   $4.00 

 Poopy Necroponde -A Psychological Ku Klux Klan Meeting ‎(CDr, Album) 2010  $2.00

 Poopy Necroponde - We're All Going To Tax You ‎(CDr,Album)       2009   $2.00

 Poopy Necroponde -Charlie And The Chinese Chocolate Factory (CD, Album) 2009      $4.00

Ogo Dys / Poopy Necroponde     Post-Op Transatlantis - Split LP 2009   $7.00

THE BRIDES- Doom / Sludge inspired experimental band, born in Kent, Ohio around the year 2000. Former members of Hyper as Hell, Sockeye, Draconis and Chuck all got together and hashed out some dark vibes they sounded like a weird cross between Nick Cave and Neurosis. At the time there was no "scene" for this type of music in the North East Ohio area and The Brides usually shared the stage with Akron Ohio's Don Austin and various other hardcore, punk, and stoner rock bands. A handful of CD-Rs were circulated with the band's songs but no official release was available until July 2017. The Brides disbanded in the fall of 2003.