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HEP*Z        And    Poopy Necroponde   here

HEP*Z- Gene, Weed King ( 7" Single 45) 2019  $5

 Hep-Z        Centavos ‎(CDr, Album)                                             2008   $4.00 

 Poopy Necroponde -A Psychological Ku Klux Klan Meeting ‎(CDr, Album) 2010  $2.00

 Poopy Necroponde - We're All Going To Tax You ‎(CDr,Album)       2009   $2.00

 Poopy Necroponde -Charlie And The Chinese Chocolate Factory (CD, Album) 2009      $4.00

Ogo Dys / Poopy Necroponde     Post-Op Transatlantis - Split LP 2009   $7.00

Poopy t-shirt

Ass t-shirt